Vendor Spotlight - CXC

Vendor Spotlight - CXC

Spain is known for its intricate Gaudi architecture, passionate people, and fantastic paella, but it’s also known around the world for its superior craftsmanship. If you’ve ever purchased a pair of shoes that were made in Spain, you probably still have them in your closet after years of wear. The reputation of anything made there is incredibly high—and for good reason! Spanish artisans have passed ancient techniques and knowledge down from one generation of craftspeople to the next. And in an economy where most fashion is made to be worn for a single season and then thrown away, we desperately need those masters of their crafts to keep tradition alive. 

When I started NOGAMA, I drew inspiration from all over the world, and I can tell you that when it comes to jewelry, there are few doing it better than Spaniards, and CXC Jewelry is no exception. Founded and designed by Concha Díaz del Río, who has over 35 years of experience in accessory design, draws inspiration from her love of antiques and of Spain itself. The entire collection is handmade in Madrid for that undeniably European artisanship. 


Three photos in a row of models showing off gold jewelry from company CXC


Today I’ll be spotlighting this incredible brand and some of my favorite pieces available through NOGAMA. 

CXC is known for their gold and silver plated jewelry, but they incorporate other Spanish leaning materials into their line like ceramic, murano glass, Swarovski crystal, and (my favorite) leather. In my opinion, leather is an underutilized material in the jewelry world. Luxury brands rely on Spain for their centuries of leather craftsmanship, and CXC is no exception! The Bridle Bracelet is a perfect example of mixing materials to create a show-stopping piece. Whenever I wear this bracelet, I get stopped on the streets of NYC by people wanting to know more about it. The Teardrop Bracelet is another casually elegant bracelet that truly captures the classic-contemporary essence of Madrid. 

Clearly influenced by the strong equestrian culture of the Andalusia region, del Río fearlessly throws away the limitations and expectations of traditional jewelry shapes in favor of the unexpected. What results are sculptural and geometric shapes that really stand out! The CXC Bridle Ring and T-Shaped Ring takes the idea of a statement piece to new heights. At the same time, her ability to turn seemingly simple shapes into something special is unmatched–like the L Shape Hoops or the best-selling Pulsera Bracelet

I hope this blog has made you the CXC superfan that I am. If you’re itching to pick up a piece for yourself, head to our CXC page to view the entire collection. As always, if you have any questions about any of the pieces available at NOGAMA or you’re looking for an NYC jeweler, don’t hesitate to contact us and book an exclusive consultation with me, Uwera Rodriguez. Let’s find the perfect piece for yourself or the one you love! Now, all of this talk about Spain has me ready for a vacation. I can almost smell the salty ocean air of the Catalan coast and a glass of ice cold sangria now, can’t you?
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