Vendor Feature: CXC Jewelry

Vendor Feature: CXC Jewelry

Who’s ready for another vendor feature? This week, we’re featuring one of our OG’s that we’ve carried at NOGAMA for years; and for good reason! That’s right, we’re talking about CXC Jewelry. 
CXC was founded by Concha Díaz del Rio, who we would confidently say is the heart and soul of the brand. For more than three decades, Díaz del Rio has dedicated themselves to creating products that are unique yet universal in style. Having founded several other luxury accessory, CXC is yet another shining example of their expertise and eye for design.
Each piece is more than just jewels — they are sculptures; boasting clean lines, attention to detail, and proportion in every piece. CXC Jewelry makes each piece by hand in Madrid, Spain using 3 micros gold and 10 microns silver, ceramic, murano, Swarovski crystals and more alongside specifically selected leathers. 
Here are some of our absolute favorite CXC pieces that you can buy right now via our online shop! 

 CXC T-Shaped Ring 

Your jewelery collection's dark horse. This stunning statement ring by CXC extends their equestrian-themed collection, no dressage experience necessary.

CXC Bridle Bracelet 

Strong, elegant and confident. The Spanish jewellers at CXC draw on an equestrian motif to create this statement-making band.

CXC Layered Necklace 

This CXC gold plated necklace is destined to become a "wardrobe essential", you can wear it long or with 2 turns, depending on the look of the day. 

CXC L Shape Hoops 

A statement set that knows it's angles. Ideal for special events, these geometric earrings are exclusively handcrafted in Spain.

CXC Swarovski Necklace N0052

Substantial in impact and weight, this necklace features a bold Swarovski crystal pendant that sparkles as it drops from your neck. Layer with like pieces or make a statement all on its own.
We absolutely love CXC Jewelry and all the timeless, intricate, and attainably priced pieces they offer. We’re so grateful to be one of your carriers! For more information on CXC Jewelry, you can check out their website.
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