Summer 2021 Jewelry Trends

Summer 2021 Jewelry Trends

With the weather warming up here in New York, I have been so excited to wear fewer layers and more jewelry. I know how hard it is to keep up with all the trends, sometimes it feels like every brand is doing totally different things! I’ve taken some time to narrow down 5 of the top jewelry trends of 2021. 

Chains, Chains, Chains

This is probably the biggest trend of 2021, chains of all shapes and sizes. You can find this in pretty much every jewelry form whether it’s a necklace, ring, bracelet, and even earrings! The most prominent way of styling chains seems to be layering necklaces of different lengths and thicknesses. If that seems like a bit too much of a statement for you, start with a dainty Chain Link Diamond Ring.


The pearl is making a comeback! Previously thought of as old-fashioned, the classic pearl has returned with a new look. While traditionally pearls were perfect and round, asymmetrical and mismatched are now the sought-after style. Try layering a strand with other necklaces, or stacking them amongst a few bracelets as a statement piece. If you prefer a more reserved look, the Starburst Diamond and Pearl Earrings are the perfect segway into the vintage-inspired trend.

Neon Enamel

Yes, this sounds like a bit much, but after the year we’ve just had, we all deserve to be adorned in bright colors! This is honestly one of my favorite trends on the list. As much as I love diamonds, sometimes you just need a pop of color. Start off with one bright statement piece, then work your way to layering more and more! This can be one ring in a stack or layered necklaces with one bright piece.

Glitz and Glam Earrings

For this one, I decided to condense a few trends into one category, but the overall consensus on earring is: Bigger the better. One fad that carried over from last year is the statement earring, that’s right just one single earring. The best part is since big, bright diamonds and other sparkling gems are in, you can buy the pair and choose to don only one, or both! My favorite Nogama pieces are either the 2.25 Inch Diamond Hoops (also available in 1.75 inches), or the Pear Shaped Marquise Diamond Earrings

Bangles Baby

Last but not least, let’s talk bracelets. Previously the less popular option for jewelry, bangles, cuffs, and other bracelets are back on the scene. On the runway, this has been presented as both one eye-catching cuff taking up all the real estate on your wrist, as well as stacks of smaller pieces. Some of my favorite bigger pieces are the unique styles from CXC Jewelry. If you’re going for a more reserved look, stack a few smaller pieces together (you can never go wrong with a diamond tennis bracelet!)

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