Stone Shapes and Cuts

Stone Shapes and Cuts

When it comes to choosing a cut for your diamond ring, or any other type of stone, there are quite a few options! We often equate a round diamond to engagement rings, but these days many people are going a different route. Stones can be divided into rectangle cuts, and circular cuts. However, there are many sub-categories to choose from. The most common rectangle cuts are Princess, Emerald, Radiant, and Cushion. If you prefer a circular stone, popular cuts are Round, Marquise, Oval, and Pear.

Rectangle Stones


The Princess cut is a square-shaped diamond, which is actually a modern variation of the French cut. Besides a Round diamond, it’s probably one of the most popular squared edge cuts for an engagement ring.


An Emerald cut can be described as an elongated rectangle with cut corners. The Emerald is a step-cut diamond, meaning they are cut with rectangular facets that descend from the diamond's face like steps. This gives the diamond the look of a “hall of mirrors”.


Radiant cut diamonds have a similar shape to that of the Emerald cut, however they are cut in a similar way to Round diamonds, giving the edges a more curved look. The cutting technique emerged in the late 1900’s and combines elements of both the Emerald and diamond shapes. This allows for a rectangular silhouette, but with more brilliance than an Emerald, asscher, or baguette cut.


Cushion cut diamonds are considered a unique, vintage-style shape. They are shaped like a square but with cut corners and feature modern brilliant cut faceting. Another style that is somewhat of a hybrid of two cuts: the squared Princess cut, and traditional Round brilliant.

Circular Stones


The Round cut diamond, whose shape needs no explanation, is without a doubt the most popular diamond shape. It is estimated that the Round cut makes up over two thirds of diamonds sold worldwide. These are a timeless favorite due to their brilliance, beauty, and versatility.


A less popular option for engagement rings, but still a beautiful vintage option, is the Marquise cut. The shape is often described as a football or eye. It’s shape is said to make your finger appear longer and more slender.


The Oval cut it exactly as it’s name suggests, it’s an elongated round brilliant cut. It’s shape is intended to represent longevity in your relationship. The romantic symbolism along with the look of the stone itself have made this a very popular option for engagement rings.


A pear shaped diamond, also commonly referred to as a tear-drop diamond, is a brilliant-cut diamond rounded on one end with a point on the other. The actual shape can vary between long and slender, to short and thicker looking. Either way, this cut is a unique and popular option for an engagement ring.
If you’re still not sure which stone is best for you, keep looking! There are many other unique shapes available that are not listed here.Some of the most important factors to consider are the relative price of each shape, its level of brilliance, the size and shape of your hand, and your personal style.Take your time and make sure to choose the one you truly love the most! Is there a stone shape I missed that you absolutely love? Leave a comment below!
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