NOGAMA's Top 5 Fall Jewelry Trends

NOGAMA's Top 5 Fall Jewelry Trends

Well, just like that, summer has come and gone yet again but we’ll be totally honest with you — we’re so ready for fall. From lattes to layers, September marks the beginning of a brand new season, which means a brand new opportunity to switch up your wardrobe to fit those crisp autumn days rather than hot summer nights. 
With every new season comes a brand new group of trends that fashionistas worldwide will begin to don on social media and in the streets. You know what they say: September is the January of the fashion world, so fall is always exceptionally exciting for clothing lines and jewelry brands like ourselves.
So, what’s hot this season in the jewelry world? Here are our top 5 jewelry trends to look out for in fall 2022 


Not all that glitters is gold! As the days get cooler, so too will the metals we wear while accessorizing. This season, it’s all about silvers and metallic. 
Check out our CXC T-Shaped Ring in silver here!


While florals for spring might not necessarily be groundbreaking, florals for fall might just be! This season, you can expect to see a ton of floral statement pieces on your favorite fashion icons. 
Check out our SevenDiamond Fleurette Necklace here!


Chokers had their moment back in 2019 and after a quick break from the spotlight, they’re back and more popular than ever! From dainty chain chokers to bold collar style, expect to see a ton of tight necklaces in the next few months. 
Check out our Diamond Choker Necklace here!



We are certainly living in an era of maximalism, so it should come as no surprise that sparkles are in! The brighter, louder, and more fun the better. 
Check out our Luna Skye Feathered Baguette Ring here!

Bold Hoops 

Keeping in the theme of maximalism, bold statement hoop earrings are about to take the spotlight. In the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of small hoops or thin ones, but not it’s all about large, shapely, and colorful ones! 
Check out our Nogama Collection 1.75 inch Diamond Hoops here
What trends are you looking forward to seeing most this fall? Comment below which ones you’re vibing with and which ones not so much. If you have any questions about NOGAMA Fine Jewelry or the pieces we offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to Uwera (our founder) directly through our contact page! 
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