My Top 5 Jewelry Push Presents

My Top 5 Jewelry Push Presents

While push presents are said to have been around for hundreds of years, their popularity has steadily increased in the 21st century. The push gift is certainly a highly debated topic and let me tell you, I am here for it! After 9 months of pregnancy, a gift from your partner or close family is a heartfelt way to show support and appreciation. Trust me on this one, I have had 3 boys!
While yes, having a healthy baby is a gift on it’s own, a little something from your partner can be the cherry on top. There are so many different options for gifts as well, there are no written rules that say it has to be jewelry! So if you’re not a big jewelry wearer, this list probably isn’t for you. But on the flip side, even if you don’t wear jewelry every day, receiving a timeless piece as a push gift is the perfect item to pass down through the family for generations.
Here are 5 of my favorite jewelry pieces to give or receive as a push present:

Initial Necklace

Starting off with a subtle but meaningful gift option, the Diamond Initial Paperclip Necklace. A single letter for your baby’s first initial, nestled between either two diamonds or customizable birthstones. If you’d prefer to have a whole name as opposed to just one letter, take a peek at this option for one name, or this one for up to five names.


Date Ring

If you’re looking for the perfect commemorative push gift, the Diamond Date Ring is a great option. This customizable piece does not only reflect a specific date, but can be made even more unique with the option to add two birthstones. If you’re wanting to keep the gift specific to the baby’s birthdate, this is the one for you.


Mama Diamond Necklace

One of my absolute favorites and best sellers is the Mama Diamond Necklace. The perfect gift to celebrate her, whether she’s a working mom, running marathons, or simply making everyone’s day a little brighter. These dainty gold and diamond letters spell out one of mom's many titles in life. I love layering this one with the Diamond Boss Necklace.


Diamond Earrings

While this one doesn’t exactly scream “push present”, I felt like it was important to include something on this list that was special just to mom. After all, the gift is to her for getting through 9 months and X amount of hours labouring and pushing! The White Gold Diamond Earrings are a beautiful addition that can dress up your day-to-day look, or add to your evening dinner party look.


Tennis Bracelet

Finishing off with an absolute classic, the Tennis Bracelet. Like I mentioned with the Diamond Earrings, the gift doesn’t have to relate specifically to giving birth, being a mom, or the new baby’s birthdate. A tennis bracelet is a classic piece to add to a woman’s jewelry collection.

Do you have a favorite push gift worthy piece from the site that I didn’t mention? I’d love to know in the comments!

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