My Love Letter to Mothers

My Love Letter to Mothers

As a midwife and a mother, you could say that motherhood has been at the heart of my entire adult life. So in the days leading up to Mother’s Day each year, I find myself reflecting on my experience as a mother and midwife. Nothing changed the trajectory of my life like the moment my first was born. I remember telling moms-to-be how much things would change, but I didn’t truly understand the magnitude until I was really in it. 

black woman sitting on the couching trying to hold her three young sons for a photo 

The thing is, motherhood isn’t the glossy, filtered experience we see on social media. Sometimes it feels like the most beautiful gift imaginable, but it’s simultaneously messy, frustrating, confusing, and at times even scary. I remember when I was holding my first born in the hospital, I felt this new sensation—like my heart existed outside of my body. In an effort to put my entire focus onto this tiny person I felt immeasurable love for, I abandoned pieces of myself. 

I felt as though the parts of me that I defined for myself before I was a mother suddenly escaped me. Mom replaced my name, and all conversations with the people around me always led back to motherhood. I felt that my entire identity had become reduced to being a mom and the person I was before. 

I spent a lot of time searching for a way back to myself, trying different creative outlets in the process. I kept coming back to my love of glitter and gold and the way that jewelry made me feel: powerful, feminine, and strong. What ultimately made me feel more like myself—even while I was chasing around three children—was the way I felt when I put on my favorite earrings and boldest necklace. I felt totally unstoppable! 

And just like that, I decided to turn that feeling into action. I founded NOGAMA as a love letter to moms everywhere. Each piece works with the busy lifestyle of a mom while reminding them how sexy they are. The jewelry I hand-select is meant to act as a daily reminder that we are so much more than the many roles and responsibilities we have on a day-to-day basis. It was also important to me that the jewelry was largely customizable so that moms could use it as a way to celebrate their families in any way they wanted to.  

Motherhood is at the center of NOGAMA. The word combines the first two letters of each of my children’s names: Noah, Gabriel, and Malachi. Without them, I wouldn’t have NOGAMA, and my identity wouldn’t have evolved to where it is today. 

For the moms still searching for themselves: you’ll find yourself again, and your relationship with yourself will be stronger than ever. Keep searching for the things that light you up and fill your cup. Don’t worry—the right path will find its way to you naturally.

My name is Uwera Rodriguez. I’m creative, dynamic, and multifaceted. I’m a midwife, a jewelry designer, creative director, and founder. But my favorite title? Well, now that I have found a well-rounded life and so much fulfillment, it’s mom of course
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