Mixing Metals When Accessorizing

Mixing Metals When Accessorizing

If there’s one thing we can all count on, it’s style trends constantly evolving. What has stayed persistent, however, is the set of fashion “don’ts” that confuse even the most seasoned style enthusiasts. You’ve probably heard that you can’t wear black with navy, wear white after Labor Day, or mix silver and gold accessories in a single outfit. What do all of these “rules” have in common? They’re outdated myths! Fashion is a way to express and celebrate your individuality and feel confident. And besides—weren’t rules meant to be broken? 

In fashion capitals like New York City, these “rules” have been long ignored. In the windows of New York jewelers, you’ll often see different metals styled together. I know that it can feel intimidating to break out of the habits that have been long instilled in us, which is why I’ve narrowed down 3 tips for mixing metals while accessorizing.



Be Intentional 

Confidence is everything. If you feel uncomfortable in your outfit, it will show. One way to test the waters of mixing metals is to simply dive right in. If you walk into a room with confidence and grace, you’ll only draw attention to your magnetic energy. Any accessories you wear will enhance your look, not draw judgment. 

If you’re not quite ready to go bold with your jewelry choices, try easing yourself in. One look I love and that I often see in the storefronts of NYC jewelers is pairing a silver necklace with a gold necklace. I find that sticking to one style can appear more deliberate than a gold bracelet worn with a diamond necklace, for instance. I love our Medium Gold Paperclip Necklace and with the Diamond Custom Name Necklace together. 



Match the Finish

Just as you probably wouldn’t pair a ball gown with flip-flops, a shiny diamond bracelet, like our Pavé Claw Bangle, will inevitably look awkward with an antiqued brass buckle belt. A simple tip for getting comfortable with mixing metals is to start by matching the finish of your accessories. 

I like to plan my accessories by laying out each element of my outfit before getting dressed. I find it helpful to see all of my accessories at once and identify any clashing finishes. If I feel like only wearing gold jewelry on a given day, I might mix up my look by pairing my favorite CXC L Shape Hoops with a handbag that has bright silver hardware. 

Utilize a Primary Piece 

You can introduce metal mixing by building your outfit around a specific piece. Instead of forgoing your rose gold watch for a night out, use it to anchor your look. Adding a silver-toned bracelet like our Diamond Butterfly Bracelet and rose gold earrings, such as the Nogama Collection 1.75-Inch Diamond Hoops will bring the entire look together. 

Some pieces feature two or more tones which tend to give you more flexibility when mixing your accessories. When I wear our Round Diamond Eternity Ring in Yellow Gold, I feel that I can easily pair it with different accessories since the gold band complements similar yellow gold tones, and the diamonds enhance any silver tones. 

If you still have any mental hang-ups about mixing metal accessories, Uwera at NOGAMA Jewelry is here to help! Just send an email to info@nogamajewelry.com with any questions you might have.
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