Jewelry Trends for Spring

Jewelry Trends for Spring

I know I wasn’t the only one who woke up on March 1st with a huge smile on my face. We’ve (almost) made it through another tough winter—what a blessing! I can almost smell the cherry blossoms and lilacs, can’t you?

With the promise of longer days and sun rays ahead of us, I can’t help but feel the excitement of transitioning my wardrobe from heavy coats and winter wools to light jackets and breezy linens. Most importantly (for me anyway), spring is an opportunity to pull out some of my more expressive and colorful jewelry staples. 

Back in the fall, I was eagerly watching New York and Paris Fashion Weeks and taking note of what spring trends we could anticipate in the world of accessorizing this season—and it did not disappoint. I’ve put together a list of some of my spring jewelry picks to kick off this magical season. 


Flower necklace made of diamonds laid across the open page of a book


Florals, For Spring? Groundbreaking.

Haven’t you heard? Y2K fashion is back. The early 2000s were all about smiley faces, charm bracelets and necklaces, and floral motifs. Luckily, our Diamond Flower Necklace is the perfect combination of both, but with a more subtle and sophisticated appeal. 

But for the woman who isn’t much for subtlety, our Seven Diamond Fleurette Necklace is the perfect pick with seven times the sparkle. Now’s also the perfect time to break out your boldest charm necklaces, like the EF Collection Diamond Babe Charm Necklace

Spring 2022 is all about bringing fun to the forefront of fashion. Give yourself permission to get playful with your look!


Woman's neck adorned with three different moonstone choker necklaces


Chokers Are Here To Stay

This is yet another nod to the early 2000s. Who else remembers those iconic plastic black tattoo chokers? I personally never left home without one for what felt like a few years. But we’ve grown up since then, haven’t we? 

Don’t worry, you can still partake in this spring jewelry trend in a more elevated way. The Nogama Diamond Choker Necklace perfectly marries trends of the early aughts and 2022. Plus, with 6 different carat options and the choice between white and yellow gold, you can be as bold or as understated as you want. 

If you’re fully leaning into this era, Moonstone is the perfect addition to the choker trend. This iridescent stone is reminiscent of the color-changing mood rings that were just as popular as tattoo choker necklaces. The Luna Skye Moonstone Choker Necklace is the best of both worlds. 


Woman's wrist held in front of her body showing off a gold wrist cuff


Keep Your Chokers Close And Your Cuffs Closer 

Spring is truly the new cuffing season. Whether wrapped around arms, wrists, or ears, cuffs are taking the spotlight this year. And for good reason—cuffs are a way to add interest and personality to your spring outfits. Ditch those sleeves and show off the arms that carried you through the cold months. Dip your toes into this trend with the CXC Pulsera Bracelet, the bold shape sits delicately on the wrist. This piece is more than enough to wear on its own for a big impact. 

If arm and wrist cuffs aren’t your style, you can still take part in this jewelry trend with an ear cuff. The EF Collection Diamond Curved Ear Cuff is one of my favorite and most unique ear pieces. 


woman's hand resting on her chest and is adorned with colorful rings and a pink necklace


Get Vibrant 

Spring is the season of rebirth and vibrant color in nature. The Cassidy Ring by MY STORY features 16 rainbow-hued baguette gemstones that signal to everyone that you’re the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. When it comes to color, some of us just can’t get enough of it. Add The Skye Necklace by MY STORY to really drive home the message of spring.  

And there you have it. All of the spring trends in jewelry I can’t wait to partake in. Who else is ready for March 20th? Be sure to leave a comment below to let me know which trend resonates with you most.

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