How to Stack Your Jewelry

How to Stack Your Jewelry

You know what they say —“the more the merrier!” — and when it comes to jewelry, we couldn’t agree more. As trends shift away from minimalism and more towards maximalism, stacking jewelry has become more popular than ever and we love to see it! From layering necklaces to covering your fingers with multiple rings, stacking jewelry is a trend that makes a bold statement.
With that being said, sometimes jewelry lovers can find it overwhelming to know how to do it. What goes together and what doesn’t? How many pieces are too many pieces? Isn’t stacking jewelry expensive? Here are some useful tips on how to stack the core types of jewelry: rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

5 Ways to Stack Rings

Mix and Match: First and foremost, don't be afraid to mix metals and textures! Your stack should feel personal to you. For example, a rose gold ring can really play off the shimmer of a yellow gold obe.
Old and New: Another good way to begin your stacking journey is to pair new jewelry with vintage pieces. For example, dainty rings paired with an old heirloom piece make for a great look and also avoids breaking the bank.
Juxtapose: Stack it all on one finger - what we like to call our "power stack" - against a bare finger. The negative space will create an interesting balance and keeps things from feeling too perfectly styled.
Consistency: Wearing the same ring by itself across multiple fingers creates a chic and sophisticated look.
Make It Special: The best kind of stack is a significant one. Fill your finger with rings that symbolize your wedding, engagement, birthdays, or other milestones for a stack that comes with a story.

4 Ways to Stack Necklaces

Tangle Pendant Necklaces: Wear two or three necklaces of similar lengths. Shift each one so that the central stone or pendant sits at different positions against your neck and collar bone, and don't worry about the chains tangling!
Colors and Plains: Let the colorful stone necklace take center stage and layer several plain chains with it!

Multi Lengths: Wear your shortest collar necklace with an extra-long chain. This look has been in for ages and never goes out of style.

Mix Textures: Try a trio of delicate chains in different textures, like a pendant necklace, diamonds, and a chain to tie it all together.

3 Ways to Stack Bracelets

Combines Textures: Combining thin and thick bangles or charm bracelets with plain ones is a classic way to stack your jewelry!
Mix Metals: Mix precious metals that complement one another. You could even choose to accent the stack with one charm bracelet to make it stand out even more.
Get Creative: Make a look that is uniquely you. Try mixing diamonds with a watch, or charm bracelets with a leather strap. There are no rules when it comes to mixing bracelets — just that it expresses your personality!
Less is more? Not anymore! We love seeing our customers stack their NOGAMA pieces together over the years and are always inspired by the styles they turn out! What are your favorite ways to stack jewelry? Comment below!
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