How Does Custom Jewelry Work?

How Does Custom Jewelry Work?

Is there anything better than receiving a gift from someone who truly knows you? If you think about the last time this happened to you, you’ll probably remember just how close you felt to the person who gave you that gift. It’s no surprise that personalized gifts help to create stronger bonds with the people around us. That’s why at NOGAMA, we have several options for custom jewelry in our collection, including custom necklaces, rings, and bracelets.  

Since life is full of your own set of accomplishments and milestones, personalized jewelry also serves as a gesture of self-love and celebration, and a way to invest in yourself at any occasion. 

Whatever—or whomever—you’re looking to celebrate, we want to give you the lowdown on our range of personalized and custom jewelry so that you can find the perfect piece for anyone—including yourself! Let’s get started. 



What Can Be Personalized? 

The short answer? All of our products can be customized. That’s right—all. If you see a necklace that comes in 14K yellow gold, but white gold is more your style, we’ve got you  covered. Maybe you’ve fallen in love with our EF Collection Diamond Love Ring (who wouldn’t!) but you want different diamonds. No problem! And if you want to take it a step further by changing the phrase, we can do that too. 

We call these sayings on our jewelry MANTRAS since they can be customized to whatever has sacred meaning for you. If Love doesn’t speak to you, we can work together to find a MANTRA that you connect with. In fact, you could even have a date lined in diamonds instead. 

How Long Does It Take To Receive Your Customized Jewelry?

Since your piece will be handcrafted by a master jeweler, the lead time on a personalized piece ranges from around 6 to 8 weeks. Patience is a virtue and it will be well worth the wait!


What Kind Of Personalization Do You Offer?

Set a date in stone—literally. Dates can have significant meaning, whether it’s an anniversary of marriage or the date your little one was born, our Diamond Date Ring and Diamond Date Bracelet are a few of our ready-to-personalize items. Customize your date, choose one of 3 metals,15 different stones, and add any other personalization details you may fancy.

If you like a more subtle look that keeps things more private, opt for a piece that allows you to customize initials, like our Diamond Initial Necklace, or Custom Diamond Necklace

Whatever MANTRA carries meaning for you, let the world know on an enamel heart, or even in place of a name on our Gold Name on Paperclip Necklace. Some MANTRAS we’ve seen in the past include peace, faith, and gratitude, but your saying could be as simple as your name or someone else’s.

How Do I Get Started? 

If you’re ready to order custom jewelry, simply contact us and ask for personalization of any piece you see on our website. From there, we’ll arrange to set up a phone call with Uwera to discuss what you’re wanting. After that, Uwera will send you a confirmation email with the finalized sketch of what your item will look like. Once you’ve approved it, it’ll be sent in for production and in 6-8 weeks your piece will be at your doorstep.
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