Caring For Your Beautiful Jewelry

Caring For Your Beautiful Jewelry

Jewelry is oftentimes an expensive investment in yourself, so it’s very important to take good care of each piece! Believe it or not, even the highest quality diamonds and gems require special care to keep it looking clean and sparkling. Therefore, knowing how to take care of your jewelry is essential.

At NOGAMA Fine Jewelry, we are committed to ensuring our customers can wear their pieces for years to come without losing their shine, so we decided to compile a list of easy tips and tricks to take the best care of your precious jewelry, from storage to cleaning.

While each material of jewelry is delicate and requires its own special care, whether it’s a diamond necklace or gold earrings, there are several general ways to make sure your jewelry stays intact for as long as possible! Here are our go-to ways to care for your jewelry.

Remove Jewelry Before Working With Your Hands 

Make sure to remove your jewelry before doing any work with your hands, especially ones that involve chemicals. This can include any of the following: 

  • Swimming in chlorine 
  • House chores 
  • Garden work 
  • Playing contact sports 

Put Your Jewelry On Last 

When getting dressed, always make sure to top off the outfit with your jewelry. This way, products such as makeup or hairspray don’t risk affecting the piece.  

Don’t Wear Lotion With Jewelry

Although it may be tempting to lotion up your hands before donning your favorite ring, lotion can actually harm jewelry, so it’s best to wait until night time to moisturize.


Store Your Jewelry Separately

Make sure all of your jewelry is kept separate to avoid scratching one another or tangling. You might want to consider jewelry bags or padded boxes for rings!

Travel With A Jewelry Case

Further to the point above, storage while traveling is even more important to avoid scratches, tangles, and of course losing a piece on your vacation! 

Inspect Your Pieces Seasonally

A great way to show love and care for your pieces is to inspect them closely every 2-3 months. Somethings to look out for include: 

  • Is the clasp secure?
  • Are the stones wiggling?
  • Is it sparkling?
  • Are there any scratches?

If you notice anything off from taking a close look, it’s best to take it to a jewelry repair shop right away. 

Learn Before You Clean

Before you clean any of your jewelry items, it's very important that you know about the materials. There are very different procedures for cleaning diamonds or zirconia rings and pearl jewelry! Certain types of costume jewelry should never be submerged in water, while special mild polishes can restore the shine to sterling silver necklaces.

We can’t stress enough how important caring for your jewelry is and we hope these simple tips help to keep your pieces looking good as new!

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